Reflection EDU505: Future of Education


Before taking the class EDU505: Future of Education, I had barely studied this topic.
I think the fundamental reason is that in many classrooms and schools the education is still being taught as it was a century ago. The teacher is in front of the students, explaining the theory while the students take notes and at the end of the semester the students are evaluated through a test.
But the reality of society today is something completely different. We as educators, we must adapt to this new technological trend.In life, children and adults learn because something motivates them because it excites them; it is essential to have a good teacher with the right tools. A good guide will make the journey towards experimentation and learn much better.
When talking about technological advances, many thoughts are reproduced in the minds of adults, and it is none other than the desire to have had these tools when they were young. Thanks to these advances it has been perceived the power that a good tool can have in the process of motivating a student to learn.
Obviously, an investment has to be made to achieve the objectives set, but it must not be forgotten that the primary objective is to MOTIVATE students, to “hook” them to learning, to have fun, to participate actively in the experience of learning. For years, applications have been developed for each advance, that is to say, technologies do not expire, it is a technique that is applied to technological evolution, and obviously, you have to invest so that it continues to be produced.
What is undoubted is that technological advances in education, applied correctly, greatly improve the capabilities of students. But it should be considered that IMAGINATION IS THE LIMIT! The only thing that is limited is the technology, and as they are developed, it will have much faster devices, with more image quality, with more clarity and the equipment will be able to reproduce any capacity that we want to do.
This project will end with a personal reflection: “In the near future we will be able to do something that 20 years ago seemed impossible, it is about PERSONALIZED TRAINING. Since we are all different, we have to give a different formation to each person, and now thanks to the digital revolution this is possible “.

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