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This week I’m going to talk about online identities, something that is gaining more and more importance in our society. It consists of what we are for others in the network or, rather, what the network says we are to others. In short, all the activity that we generate forms our online identity.


Have you ever tried typing your name on Google to discover what search results appear? If you have not done it yet, you should do it! Sometimes it’s fun and curious! Other times, on the contrary, can become a headache. Especially if you’re looking for a job, and your first result on Google is a party photo with your friends or an unfortunate comment at a particular time. It is very difficult to erase our trail on the web, so you should be very careful and selective when making your publications on the Internet.



The Digital Identity is the trace that we leave in the network, both personally and professionally. That is to say, the results you have found on Google when typing your name, whether you like it or not, is your identity on the Internet.

But, how has all that information gotten there? The answer is quite simple:

You are the maximum responsible!! It is true that certain information that appears on the web related to your person has not been published by you, but in most cases, has been your own activity on social media. Each post, comment or picture you have made is “archived and stored” on the network. “Each and every time we do something online, we contribute pieces of information that form our online identity” (Sisk & Stegman, 2015, para.3).

Therefore, Digital Identity is all there is about us on the internet, and as such, we have to work on it to be a true reflection of our personality.


“Building our digital identity is no longer an option, it is an obligation”

  • DEFINE YOURSELF: Your personal identity is what you are, represented through the Internet. It can be decisive when it comes to getting a job, or you can define yourself professionally in a certain field! Successful professionals online identities are currently very recognized.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN STRATEGY: Objectives and actions. It is very important to define our personal and professional path. Questions like: Who am I? What do I want to do? What goals do I have? It is very necessary to consider them when it comes to talking about online identity, or when we are going to set up a website, blog …
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: One of the most important aspects that we have to take into account is:

“It’s not about publishing for publishing or having all possible social media”

What is necessary is to have a great content, rich and updated. It is not worth having many platforms, without being updated. Each channel needs a studied and planned strategy, clearly differentiating the personal profiles of the professionals.

  • BLOG/WEBSITE: If you have not blogged before, this is your opportunity to post your thoughts and reflections about a wide properly of topics.

So … What are you waiting for to develop your own Online Identity? Here you are a video that will help you to develop it as a professional.

Check out this video explaining How to Write a Blog Post: For Beginners!


Sisk, T., & Stegman, R. (2015). How to teach students to build a positive online identity. Retrieved from

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